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Pinecil is a portable soldering iron with computer controlled temperature, sleep modes, motion detection, and allows many options for power from AC supplies (USB-C, DC Barrel) to external tool/LiPo batteries. You may already have a power supply that works. It also has the intended use of being a RISC-V development device using a breakout board. The Pinecil has evolved over the years from a 60W device into the latest rendition, the V2, which supports 24V/88W and includes the new PINE64 designed shorter tip.

Note: Other irons only care if they can solder. The Pinecil is held to an additional standard; how well can it meet the needs of the open source community as a RISC-V development tool. It includes hardware features not found on other soldering irons such as BLE Bluetooth in the V2 in order to support FOSS community feature requests for both fun and science.

Pinecil GraphicGreenRISCV

Pinecil_V2_Pinecil V2