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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need A Fan/What Heatsink Do I Need?

You don’t need a fan. The 20mm medium heatsink for Model A is plenty enough. For Model B, the fan type heatsink will do fine.

Can This Run A Minecraft Server?

Yes|Sort of. Testing on an 8GB Model A with PaperMC, User:CounterPillow was able to out-row world generation in a boat with just one player online, but aside from the slow world gen (which can be pre-generated) the server handled things like TNT explosions and mobs fine. It’ll probably do okay with 1-3 players.

Do I Need The 5A Power Supply For Model A?

You only need the 5A power supply for Model A if you plan on connecting hard disk drives to the 12V header on the board.

How Much Power Does It Consume?

For Model B, it’s <2W in idle (powertop tunables not set), and <5W under full CPU load (stress-ng -c4). Model A will be similar as it’s the same SoC.